OPOR Change Network

The OPOR Change Network is a group of individuals who are supporting clinical transformation across Nova Scotia through the implementation of OPOR. Some of the roles in the Change Network are held by frontline healthcare providers who will be using OPOR every day.  The Change Network is supported by the OPOR Clinical Engagement Team and is an essential part of this important clinical transformation.  ​

People Leaders

Change Champions

Change Champions work with their teams and colleagues to raise awareness and support implementation at their sites. They play a key role in taking the change messages to peers and are the trusted, “in-the-know” people in their departments or units.

Change champions play a key role in taking the change message to a personal and peer level within their facility, department, or unit.​ These individuals serve as the trusted “go-to” person and acts as a conduit of information.

A change champion works with their People Leaders to:

  • Encourage colleagues’ engagement
  • Support change management activities
  • Support Go Live efforts
  • Encourages post Go Live adoption

Other OPOR Support Roles

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are advanced users of the OPOR-Clinical Information System (OPOR-CIS). A Peer Mentor receives advanced training in the new systems to assist peers during implementation. They support teams by providing basic trouble shooting, and issue triage assistance.

Peer mentors are knowledgeable about OPOR solution and workflows, support their peers 1:1, in the classroom, and/or learning labs.​

Key qualifications:​

  • Approachable and interacts positively with people under stress​.
  • Competent and comfortable with technology​.
  • Willing and able to invest time in coaching and training efforts​.

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) represent a clinical voice. SMEs know their area of care extensively well and have been in their position long enough for their skills and knowledge to be “second nature”.

OPOR will contact operational leadership about SME opportunities when needed. Those leaders will make decisions related to the role.